Plan Bay Area hearings

by Bay Area Citizens

Dear Friends,

ABAG and MTC are holding nine Open House / Public Hearings on the draft Plan Bay Area between this coming Monday night, April 8, and Wednesday, May 1.  The details of each of these sessions, one for each county, can be found here:

Bay Area Citizens strongly recommends that you attend one of these hearings, both to learn, and also let your views be known--and, we recommend you attend and share your views regardless whether you support or oppose the Plan, or simply don't have an opinion at this point.

This coming week, there will be sessions in Napa and Sonoma counties on Monday evening, April 8, and one in San Francisco Thursday evening, April 12, and, again, details can be found above.

Regrettably, there will only be three hearings on the draft EIR, and two of those will be held during the day, when most citizens are at work.  These will be held in Oakland and San Rafael on Tuesday, April 16, and San Jose on Wednesday, April 17.  Bay Area Citizens strongly recommends that folks of all points of view attend one of these hearings on the draft EIR, if you are able to.  Details regarding the hearings on the draft EIR can also be found at the above link.